About Dr. Joel Stokes

At the young age of thirteen, Dr. Joel Stokes decided that he wanted to become a dentist. Following this career path, Dr. Stokes earned his doctorate from the University of the Pacific, San Francisco. Continuing his journey after college, Dr. Stokes has over a hundred hours working in cosmetic, preventative, and restoration dentistry making him one of the best dentists in Las Vegas. Thanks to his understanding and knowledge of his practices, Dr. Stokes treats his patients with the upmost care and listens to their dental desires. Dr. Stokes and his lovely wife Sandy have three wonderful children together. Their eldest son Adam is a local attorney, their daughter Alex is a dental hygienist, and their second son Jesse is a college student. In addition to being a dentist, Dr. Stokes enjoys playing the trumpet and golfing on his free time. Additionally, Dr. Stokes is also an amateur wine maker.

Being able to select a dentist can be a tough decision, however, thanks to Dr. Joel Stokes’ extensive experience and expertise in the Cosmetic Dentistry field, you can relax with knowing you have selected one of the best dentists in the area.  Dr. Stokes also specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the oral cavity, which includes teeth and gums.

After opening his practice in Las Vegas, Dr. Stokes has been a able to build a reputable reputation from his cliental. Dr. Stokes’ dedicated staff treat their patients like family and are committed to providing each patient with a wonderful dental experience. Dr. Stokes is very patient and understands that sometimes maintaining your dental health daily can be hard, that is why he is here to provide solutions and help you restore your oral health.  His extensive focus on comprehensive dentistry is combined with his personal interactions with his patients. Subsequently, Dr. Stokes makes certain that each of his patients and their family understands that the protection of his patient’s health is at their top of his standards. To ensure he meets these standards, he has equipped his office with a state-of-the-art sterilization room. All dental equipment in the office is sealed in a sterile field until opened for the specific patient. Dr. Stokes’ sterilization and knowledge has met OSHA and CDC standards.

As a respected dentist, he makes sure that his staff treat patients with the respect he’d provide. Each patient is greeted upon five minutes of arrival and then taken to the examination room. The reason for this can be narrowed down to two goals. The first being that some patients get anxious when waiting for their dental procedures, so Dr. Stokes wants to give them peace of mind. Secondly, Dr. Stokes understands that everyone’s time is valuable.

In order to fully know and understand Dr. Stokes practice, we invite you to visit our office in Las Vegas. Thanks to a continuous number of patients that visit his office, Dr. Stokes can continue the career he has been dedicated to since he was 13 years of age.

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