Get Immediate Dental Care with an Emergency Dentist in Las Vegas

emergency dentist Las VegasAvailable during all office hours, Perfect Smile is always taking in calls for emergency patients in the Las Vegas area. If you or a loved one suffer from an emergency dental problem, contact our local office today and get an expedited emergency appointment.

Identify and Address a Dental Emergency

In an emergency situation, the first thing you should do is address any immediate problems and then contact either 911 services or an emergency dental expert. To help identify and address any dental emergencies, Perfect Smile has made a comprehensive list of all the most common dental emergencies.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscess is a painful and sometimes dangerous dental emergency that requires immediate attention from a Las Vegas emergency dentist. An abscess is an infection that occurs in the tissues between the teeth or even below the teeth in the gum. Abscess appear red with a white center, similar to a pimple; often painful to the touch and the surrounding area; and sometimes warm. An abscess is particularly dangerous because the infection can spread from the gum to other parts of the mouth or even the bones of the jaw. Rinsing your mouth several times with warm salt water will help to draw the pus from the infection toward the outside of the gum. Use one-half of a teaspoon of salt in a cup of water several times during the day.

Emergency Toothache

Emergency toothaches and general tooth pain are some of the most common of all dental emergencies. As toothaches can be caused anything from tooth decay, root damage, to an object being lodged between the teeth. To address any objects or fragments between the teeth, rinse your mouth with salt water and use floss to loosen or remove the item. Do not use pins or needles to remove an object from your mouth, only use dental floss. Never place aspirin or any painkiller between the cheek and gum to alleviate pain as this can cause burning of the tissue. Use a cold compress to help alleviate pain outside of the mouth. Once able, Visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible to determine the cause of the pain and check for any further damage from a stuck object.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

The first thing to do with any chipped, broken, or avulsed teeth is to gather any fragments and attempt to store them in a container of milk. Under fast action, a damaged tooth can be placed back into proper place if it is maintained. Rinse your mouth with water and apply gauze pressure to stop any bleeding. Holding pressure for 10 minutes should be long enough to halt most bleeding in a chipped or removed tooth. Use a cold compress to reduce swelling outside of the mouth and to control the pain caused by the broken tooth. Visit Perfect Smile a local Las Vegas dentist as soon as possible to attempt to restore the chipped or removed tooth.

Broken Veneers

A patient who is experiencing a broken veneer is advised to contact our office. Being readily available as an emergency dentist in Las Vegas, we are equipped with the necessary dental tools in order to repair your broken veneer. If your veneer is broken, but still attached to your tooth, carefully remove it and keep it from further damage. In order to prevent your veneers from breaking, avoid biting hard foods with your teeth that have veneers attached.


Gingivitis is a periodontal disease that causes inflammation without loss of tissue or bone. This can become a serious condition if the gums experience serious inflammation. Referred to as an accessible emergency dentist in Las Vegas our staff is trained to treat your gingivitis. In order to prevent gingivitis be sure to have good oral hygiene practices.

Emergency Room Versus Emergency Dentist

Deciding whether to visit the emergency room or an emergency dentist may need some clarification. If your dental emergency is induced by a fall, an accident, or even a sports injury, it is important to visit the hospital emergency room to ensure that you have no other injuries like a concussion or a broken bone. If your dental emergency includes only your mouth and teeth, visiting your Las Vegas emergency dentist may be the best choice.

Make Perfect Smile Your Emergency Dentist

For more information on what Perfect Smile can do for you and your family as your choice for an emergency dentist in the Las Vegas 89012 area, visit our information pages and meet our expert team of dentists able to provide for all your dental emergencies.

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