Why You Should Get Professional Teeth Whitening

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Professional teeth whitening procedures are a miraculous solution to remove stubborn stains from your teeth. It helps you bring back your lost confidence and restore your smile.

The teeth whitening procedure is performed by a cosmetic dentist. It is a non-surgical procedure where the dentist uses dental products to remove various stubborn stains and bring back the natural whiteness of your smile.

If your stained teeth are in the way of your self-esteem and are holding you back from laughing, here’s everything you need to know about whether you are an ideal candidate for a professional teeth whitening.

Unfortunately, there are certain foods that contribute to staining your teeth. Foods that stain teeth consist of tea, coffee, curry, fruit juice, tomato-based sauces, red wine, berries, soy sauce, berries, beetroot and balsamic vinegar.

Do You Really Need It?

The professional teeth whitening procedure is for those who have good overall oral health but want a brighter whiter smile. You will need your permanent teeth as it doesn’t work on tooth fixtures, veneers, crowns or dentures. If your veneers or dentures are stained, you may need to get them replaced altogether. Make sure that your gums aren’t tender and that your teeth aren’t sensitive to bleaching products.

If you have yellow stains or coloring due to certain foods or beverages on your teeth you can opt for professional teeth whitening but before you do, your dentist will do an examination to decide whether you are eligible for the procedure or not.

Is it Safe?

Teeth whitening procedures include two types of treatments: you can opt for treatments recommended by your dentists or you can use products recommended by your dentist. Both treatments are safe if:

  • You have healthy gums and there is no irritation when you apply the products
  • You don’t have teeth sensitivity. Since the treatment exposes teeth to a little sensitivity, one needs to have perfectly healthy teeth to continue with this treatment.

If you fall under the two categories mentioned above, the teeth whitening procedure is safe for you.

What to Expect?

There are three common types of teeth whitening procedures that a dentist recommends according to the severity of stains on your teeth. None of these procedures takes more than two to three visits to the dentists’ office.

  • Teeth bleaching with hydrogen peroxide solution and other strong agents.
  • Teeth whitening strips or tray customized according to your jaw. Dentists recommend wearing them every day for a few hours.
  • Laser teeth whitening—a modern method that uses concentrated whitening gel. This is the most effective procedure.

Is it Worth it?

Yes, professional teeth whitening procedures are a semi-permanent fix to stained teeth. They help improve the appearance of your teeth with little or no side-effects.

Why Not Opt For Over-the-Counter Whitening Products?

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products can’t be trusted to fully whiten your teeth. They don’t offer the same effective results as a professional treatment performed by a dentist. Furthermore, these procedures take longer to start showing results. Lastly, there is also a higher risk of the side-effects occurring as well.

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Are There Different Teeth Whitening Procedures?

There are different teeth whitening procedures that are beneficial. First, patients may receive in office bleaching. This method is regarded as the most efficient way to get your teeth whitened with results shown almost immediately after the procedure. The procedure tallies around 1 hour. Next, teeth whitening gels and trays are available for a more accessible approach. These results can range between 3 days to a couple of weeks before results are noticed. Teeth whitening kits from the dentist contain stronger peroxide bleach than your over the counter teeth whitening kit. In addition to teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening strips are also an effective tool although, they are not as effective as teeth bleaching and teeth whitening kits. Teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening strips, and teeth bleaching products are all effective tools used to create a better and brighter smile. Patients, who are interested in achieving this, are recommended to contact our office in order to be pointed in the right direction.

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